Pets friendly resort in Masinagudi | Pets at Jungle Retreat resort

In addition to the wildlife on campus, Jungle Retreat is also home to numerous house pets. We are the happy owners of 6 dogs, 7 cats and 1 incredible goat. All the dogs have adopted us over the years. The cats didn’t give us much of a choice either, but we love them just the same.

All of our house pets are usually sweet-tempered and used to people. They are regularly vaccinated and cleaned.

When you visit Jungle Retreat, we request that you treat our pets gently and with kindness. They are not aggressive animals and mind their own business, but like any animal, if provoked, may react defensively. When we have children staying with us, we are careful and vigilant, and request that the parents are too. We also request parents to be mindful of how children treat our animals.

We strongly discourage guests from feeding our pets as it sets a bad precedent and interferes with their feeding schedules.

The Dogs:

Inordinately big ears are Scooters most endearing and distinct feature. Scooter showed up on the premises and won us over with his incredibly friendly disposition, after carefully working his way into the hearts of the older dogs. When he isn’t lying belly-up on the restaurant floor hoping for a tummy rub, he can be seen snoozing in one of the many holes he has dug in our front lawn.


Named for his colouring, rather than his shape, Spud came in quite emaciated but full of affection. A few months with us and his part-Labrador genes rose to the surface and his name became a self-fulfilling prophesy. A fiend for attention and love, Spud will sometimes demand that you pet him. On walks though, he pretends to be the village Mafioso, challenging other dogs to dare cross paths with him. But we know him for the big softy he is.


When we lost our 15-year-old Alsation Bono, a much-loved fixture who was a favourite amongst guests as well as staff, the Jungle Retreat team was heartbroken. 3 days after we said farewell to Bono, tiny puppy Max appeared unannounced and uninvited at the Mathias residence and refused to leave. He came back every single morning, slowly but surely drawing us out of sadness and reminding everyone around him of the joy that only a puppy can elicit. Now a little older, but affectionate and playful as he was on Day 1, Max continues to drop in on the owners first thing every morning, before getting on with his very busy day of being up to no good.

Friday and Gypsy

Our youngest additions to the brood, Friday and Gypsy were brought in by their mother and quite conveniently left with us. Still puppies at heart, they keep the rest of the pack young, and you will often find them rousing the rest into playing their mad games, chasing one another around our lawn. Don’t be alarmed. They mean no harm and will (almost always) settle down for a cuddle if intercepted.

The Cats:

Meet Silver, Jitsu, Naala, Comet, Poonaimugam, Gizmo and one name we will tell you when you get here.

The saying “Dogs have masters, Cats have staff” pretty much rings true here as well. Our 7 cats are scattered around the main areas of our campus, each with their own zones that they like to hang out in.

You are most likely to run into our grey tabby cats – Jitsu who likes to keep our manager company as he answers calls in the main reception; Silver who is almost always curled up in his designated spot on the couch; and Naala, who is possibly the most social amongst them. The others make guest appearances from time to time. Some even like to accompany guests on walks. However, the cats do have some attitude from time to time, so best to leave sleeping cats lie.

Their charming personalities mainly emerge at mealtimes, when they will try to befriend guests. As mentioned earlier, please do not feed them. They are well fed and looked after, even though they will try their best to convince you otherwise.

The Goat – Otis

Named for the musician, and not the elevator (a frequently expressed doubt), Otis is originally from the Kutch area of India and many goats of his Sirogi breed have that beautiful dappled coat.

He is extremely intelligent, and having spent so much time around our dogs, it is not uncommon to get a tail-wag from him as you approach. We must warn you, however, that Otis is very curious and will rummage around in people’s bags if allowed to. He is particularly partial to packs of cigarettes, so keep them close if he is around.

Also seen in the picture is our Maada, who spends his day looking after Otis. They share a pretty obvious friendship and are a familiar sight for regulars.