The climate is invigorating, the forest lush. Game spotting is at its peak. We are in a rain shadow area so we don't receive torrential rainfall, only short spurts of rain, and strong winds.
A good pair of walking shoes, jeans or tough trousers and a windcheater are a must. If you prefer short walks or plan on lazing, shorts and a t-shirt should suffice. Oh - and don't forget your umbrella!



You should see plenty of wildlife, as the undergrowth thickens for the winter. The mornings are misty, with the clouds sitting on the mountain ranges. The retreating monsoon sets in and is through by the end of November. We receive a few heavy showers this time of the year.
You will definitely need an umbrella or a raincoat, and a tough pair of shoes to help you over wet ground and rocks. A sweater may be required, and a second pair of shoes in case you decide to walk into a puddle.


Our winter boasts clear blue skies, sunny days and  cool, starry nights. While the sun is a bit sharp in the day, temperatures drop significantly by evening. Mornings are generally misty.
The air is a bit nippy, so a sweater is recommended. We do offer the more exciting option of a bonfire on clear nights, though.


The advent of summer is characterized by dry warmth. The forest is bare, and small forest fires often burn off the undergrowth by day, only to be extinguished by dew at night. Game is usually spotted around water holes.
Light clothing, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen would be appropriate. Again, don't forget those walking shoes and trousers! And of course, your swimwear, for a dip in our pool.


The weather in this month is uniformly unpredictable. Pre-monsoon showers, warm days that draw in clouds, thunder bolts, short blasts of rain, and the jungle comes alive. The vegetation revives and the landscape transforms from gold to green.
Light clothing with perhaps a light jacket for the evenings. Sunscreen lotion, swimwear and a change of shoes.